Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vintage Shopping List - Summer!

Well it's nearly June, and Summer has been teasing us by popping its pretty little head out to say hello for long enough to allow us to put on a frock and paint our toenails, before mischievously disappearing being a big, angry cloud.

But fear not....even if it keeps raining, Summer vintage style needn't be a complete washout! I am certain that sunshine is just around the corner, so with that in mind I have put together a little shopping list of vintage and repro buys that are must haves for the season

3 Umbrellas...too much?

This gorgeous little set from Tara Starlet is so cute! If you ask me it demands a great stack of bakelite and bamboo bangles and a pair of souvenir wedges!


Freddies of Pinewood have some lovely new shorts that come in Navy, Black, White and this lovely bright Red, all with a gingham trim

 If you haven't visited Freddie's website for a while, I advise you to do so. They have absolutely loads of tops at the moment, whether you're a 40s Sweetheart or a Rockabilly at heart, and as always they are really reasonably priced and great for everyday wear. I love this Bardot top which also comes in black and navy stripe, and although yellow doesn't really suit me, I think it's great for Summer

I have been drooling over these Miss L Fire Lola shoes for ages

Although I think I will probably get these, which I aboslutely love and are slightly more practical (and cheaper!)

                                                                       Lana Wedge £69.99

I think I'll also be investing in a pair of these moccasins from Clarks as a lovely casual summer shoe

Sylvie Chic On sale @ £39.00

Staying with the Clarks Originals range, I also really like these classic strappy sandals

                                                                        Frieda Sun £69.00

The Rocket Originals 'Nancy' Play shoe now comes in a super chic snake skin!

                                                                             Nancy £75.00

If you are heading to the beach, then you can't beat a What Katie Did swim suit. From my own experience, they fit so well, and are incredibly flattering, I adore them! I have this one in blue (see my last post!)

Retro Bikini Top and Bottoms £34.75 each

Etsy have an amazing choice of vintage swimsuits, unfortunately they are always really quite expensive

I love this vintage 2 piece with Sarong skirt as well, so cute!

1950s Bikini  $198.00

Pretend it's sunny and wear sunglasses!
These vintage decorated cats eye frames are from Dead Men's Spex

 If you're after a pretty Summer frock, the Heyday! Fleur dress is a firm favourite of many a vintage girl, and these beauties are currently on sale!

If I had some money right now to spend on a frock I would buy this beautiful vintage number from Etsy

A Summer outfit wouldn't be complete without a wicker bag and there are zillions to choose from on Etsy. Here are a couple of my favourites

Bright red!

Bright and flowery..and round!

Top it all off with a pretty straw hat

But, if all else fails, and the heavens open....protect that hair!

Marilyn Rain bonnet from Betty Blue's Loungerie £26.25

Happy shopping folks!


  1. How many beautiful things, I especially love the shoes LANA miss l fire. Unfortunately, even in Italy, the temperatures are much lower.

  2. Loving all those swimsuits!! And what a cute rain bonnet!

  3. I love this post, you're making me want to embrace more of a vintage style this summer!

  4. A lovely list. Might need to get a straw bag for this summer. If we get one!

  5. Ohhhhh! I love this post! Such pretty items! Now I must go summer shopping!

  6. I think we all should get 3 umbrellas and this rain bonnet - it seems like we won't see the sun this summer v.v'
    Lovely items though^^

  7. That Alfred Shaheen dress is always popping up on my etsy searches - it's great and quite a bargain considering the prices that those dresses usually go for!

  8. thank you for that great list and remembering me that i need new shorts and a soft strawhat!
    and i´m still searching for the right sandals - flat, brown, t-strap.

    luckily i finished sewing my summerdresses :-)

  9. This post is stuffed full of things I'd like to stuff (or delicately pack) into my suitcase! How cute is that Tara Starlet set? Definitely some bangles to accessorise!

  10. Splendidly lovely post! (Great minds, too, may I add - my next post in a couple of days is devoted to vintage summer wardrobe staples.)

    All of those shoes are calling my name! I have more cold weather pairs (hmmm, perhaps not all the surprising given the harsh Canadian winters :)) than ones for sunny days, and am hoping to even the score more as the summer months progress this year.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. I have been eyeing off a few of these pieces too recently... though unfortunately it is now winter in Australia, though a girl can dream right?

  12. such beautiful things on your list ....

  13. The Heyday dress is a must have for me.


  14. What wonderful style and taste you have! I like your focus on Fifties fashion: that's my favorite era. I grew up in the Sixties looking at my mother and her friends wearing Fifties clothes and thought they were the epitome of feminine beauty.