Thursday, 14 February 2013

Product Review - Elnett Satin, Heat Protect Styling Spray

I've been meaning to write this post for some time, as I bought this product before Christmas, but as usual, life has gotten in the way.

The thing that attracted me to it was the fact that it says it protects your hair up to 230*C, and my hair is being wrecked by HotSticks, also it says that it is a 'styling spray' and having run out of setting lotion at the time, I thought I would try it out as a substitute.

If you've watched my pin curl tutorial, you'll know that I pin curl my hair dry, spritzing each section that I curl lightly with setting lotion as I go. So I used the same method, spraying each section lightly, with the rather fun to use pump action bottle, and slept on my pin curls overnight. The result was quite surprising! The curls were quite tight, so much so that each section had gone a little bit crunchy, so I learnt from then on that a spray on each section was definitely not needed, and just a light spritz over the whole head would work fine. As a setting lotion/styling spray, it worked really well, the style was fixed in place, and still looked good enough the next day to wear out without too much re-doing. The bottle says 'Waves: 3 Days', but I always need to wash my hair after the 2nd day, so I can't tell you if that it lives up to this claim.

The other method of using this spray is with heat styling, which is what it is actually intended for in modern styling terms. This morning for example, I spritzed it all over my hair which I washed last night, and put my Hot Sticks in for half an hour. The result is what you can see in the photo. I only put 5 sticks in quite low around the nape of my neck because I wasn't going for an all over curly do, just a pageboy style, with curled ends. It is set really nicely still 8 hours later, after being brushed a zillion times, so much so that it is in that state where I can curl the ends outwards, and then back under again, and it will still behave and follow my instruction!

For those of you that don't like the particularly strong smell that Elnett Hairspray has (I love it!), it doesn't smell like that, it is fragrant, but nowhere near as strong.

When I purchased it from Boots, it was on an introductory offer of 2 for £9.00, but I believe it costs £6.99, correct me if I'm wrong.

For those of you that aren't totally sold on any particular setting lotion,  or have trouble getting their hair to stay in style, then it is definitely worth a try!


  1. This sounds rather good, I've only just started experimenting with using products when styling my hair. I think I may give this a go!
    Oh and your hair looks lovely as always!

  2. Wonderful review, this sounds like a great product. In my pre-wig days, I could never find a (store bought) setting lotion that didn't aggravate the heck of out of my (wildly) sensitive skin, and would have so loved to have tried this in lieu of one (assuming it's available on this side of the pond). I'll be sure to remember your review and to recommend this product to anyone else I encounter who says they're having a tough go (for whatever reason) with setting lotion.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Very interesting, I may have to see if I can find it over here to give it a whirl! I'm certainly not married to my current hairspray, and anything that may give an extra bit of hold to my curls I'm all for.

  4. OOOH i need it !!! Hope i could find it in france. I've bought a conic iron before Christmas and it's really more easier to have curl and volume in few minutes than using my babyliss hot curl system. but in 2 months i completely burn my hair on 10 inches :/ !!!
    I used an old redken protective oil with my babyliss hot curl system but with conic iron, i had the impress to cool french fries ha ha ha !!!



  5. I should try it too!
    I got lots of hair but it's fine so nothing stays.
    This might be a good product for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ooh, fab. Will pick some up come payday. :-)

  7. Ooh, I think I'll try this, my hair misbehaves and hardly ever does what I tell it to. Thank you for a great review!

    Cherry x

  8. So glad you did this research for me....I keep meaning to out and test this. Thank you, I will definitely be stocking up my kit with this!


  9. Hello Jenny,

    I had bought it last week. I make a test with a conic iron before go to work and my curl stay the same time as an usual hairspray but my curls stay smooth.
    After my working day, i wrap my hair with cold curler all nigth long and i had beautifull curls and very smooth. I think i will stop the lottabody lotion for this product.
    Thank you it will change my life ;)