Monday, 25 February 2013

Family Album

I lost my dad to the cancer a year ago today. I was determined not to spend today being sad (and this blog is certainly not a place to do that!) but remembering and being thankful. To remember him and my family passed, I thought I would post some amazing family snaps of his parents that I have been meaning to scan in for a while. I lost my Nan 10 years ago, and my Grandad 4. They both played a big part in my life growing up and I miss them both dreadfully.

I can see the resemblance of my dad in both my Nan and Grandad. I look much more like my paternal line than my mum's family, and people used to say when I was little that I looked just like my Nan, Peggy.

So here they are:

Left to right : My dad's Parents, George and Peggy, and then Grandad's sister Elsie and her husband Tom. As you can see, Grandad and Tom served in the Navy during the War. My Grandad's ship docked in the North East of England in Hartlepool, where my nan was from, and that's when they met. After the war he went back to get her and brought her to London, where they lived in Ealing, where I'm from, for the rest of their lives.

George at the front

You can't see it clearly on the scan, but here is Peggy sporting an adorable sailor Sweethearts brooch!

They got married on Christmas Eve, 1946, in Hartlepool. Grandad once told me the story of when he was travelling up North on the train to get married, and he was so nervous that he got drunk on the train and arrived to meet his new In-Laws completely bladdered!

This is one of my favourite photos ever!

Looking like a very cool couple with my dad as a toddler

Little Sailor daddy

I love this pic. This is my Nan with my dad's younger sister, my aunt Jeanette. The stamp on the back of the actual photo has 'Happy Snaps Photo Studio, Guernsey' as you can see the sign in the background. I gather that photographers snapped holiday makers and then sold them the photos afterwards

Another extremely cool pic of Peggy, when she worked in a sweet shop in Ealing

She looks like a Mafia wife here!

I remember my Dad telling me that his mum never kept anything, and would throw away anything that wasn't glued down. He said that he said some great Beatles records when he was young, and Nan just threw them away! Needless to say, I didn't inherit any amazing clothes or treasures from her, but these photos are enough.

I hope you've enjoyed my family pics, I will try and get some of my mum's side for next time.


Dad and I


  1. I absolutely love the feeling of looking through old photographs. It's incredible you can talk about you father and see that you just have to be glad for the memories you shared with him. Sending you and your family lots of love xxxxx

  2. Absolutely wonderful photos Jenny, I love the one of you and your dad. I hope your day has been nice and not too sad. x

  3. Such great photos, and I think it is the perfect remembrance for your Dad. I get a kick out of the bear photo LOL
    My paternal grandmother got rid of everything too, my dad and aunts will frequently speak of all the toys they lost to her ways!

  4. Fantastic! Thank-you for sharing such precious pictures with us.

  5. Some beautiful memories! Wishing you a long life xx

  6. Aw I adore going through old family photos. Lots of love x

  7. I love them, thanks for sharing. She was beautiful. I can never get enough of looking at old photographs.
    Apparently my husband's Granny was terrible for that too, threw out his mother's...but she could be just as bad...records from that same era and all the gorgeous antique chemist's bottles that belonged to his pharmacist Grandpa, that makes me want to scream!

  8. Hope you're feeling OK.

    I love that bear photo!

    I have a similar 'snap' style photo of my mum and gran - it must have been a part of a day at the seaside for many! I guess it went out of fashion as pocket cameras became cheaper, smaller and more robust.

  9. Thank you for sharing with us your memories pics.


  10. So many wonderful photos, thank you for sharing even though I'm sure it was difficult. I lost my grandma almost two years ago and I still miss her, but was recently asking for some old family stories about her and my grandpa from around WWII and it was really neat to hear.

  11. Thank you for sharing your photos and your memories, they are beautiful.

  12. What great pictures, I love looking at old pictures. I still miss my Nan but I feel so very, very grateful to have had her in my life.

  13. What a touching, immensely special post and selection of treasured family photos. Seeing these means so much to me as both a (hobbyist) genealogist and passionate fan of yesteryear real world photos. The fact that they belong to you, a fellow vintage gal, makes them all the more meaningful.

    Sending huge hugs & endless understanding your way,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. What a lovely tribute to your dad. Lovely photos, always interesting to know the family history behind them.

  15. Wonderful photos. And a wonderful way to remember your family fondly rather than dwelling on the sadness that such a day could bring. ... And I could almost mistake your grandma for you in the wedding picture!

  16. Hello, you're photo's are lovely, and such an amazing memory jolter for you. I lost my Dad to cancer on 9th January 2009 and I like you, don't spend the day dwelling on his passing. I DO have a big drink on his behalf on his birthday each July lol. I wouldnt say it gets easier each year, but I would say the grief is a lighter load these days.
    Kind wishes

  17. Sending you much love and big hugs, dear. xoxoxo.

  18. Oh they're wonderful photos.

    I'm sorry about your Dad. x

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  20. Jenny this is a beautiful way to remember your father, and a fantastic collection of photos. We hope the rest of your day wasn't too sad, it's always a difficult time but your right in saying its a great opportunity to remember all of the positives. With lots of thoughts and love,
    Tim and Jesse

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  22. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you as I lost my dad 8 year ago to cancer. It doesn't get any easier but knowing that you have all these wonderful memories allows you to manage with the loss.
    Your family photos are amazing. Great tribute to them :)
    Thank you so much for sharing!