Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Need for Tweed

Saturday's Tweed Run was super for many reasons:

  • It didn't rain
  • We were invited by Rugby Ralph Lauren
  • We got to wear amaaaazing jackets from Rugby
  • We all rode Pashleys
  • There were so many lovely people there
  • Did I mention it didn't rain?

The super sponsor meant that there was definitely a different feel to last time; there were lots of trendy blogger types, and not a Penny Farthing in sight, but there was still the same inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

There is something extremely appealing about tweed. On almost anyone it quickly adds an air of sophistication and lets face it, men in tweed look mighty fine. Whether you accessorise with a tweed cap or dress head to toe in a three piece tweed suit, tweed makes you feel good and keeps you warm to boot. Plus it's as English as tea and crumpets.

The first group of photographs were taken with a Leica M9P full frame digital rangefinder:

The following photographs were shot on film using a 1950's Leica M3:

Photography by Hanson Leatherby


  1. how cool! lovely pics and clothes.

  2. I love the range (best save my pennies) and you all look fantastic.

    Sadly my ONLY BIT of 'anti-different-clothes-abuse' for about 10 years happened that very day, for wearing a tweed blazer as a coat. With a mainstream brown-River-Island-trouser and white jumper. They started doing impressions of my 'posh' voice, which is interesting as I hadn't spoken and don't have a posh voice (I wish I did).

  3. I love these photos! What type of camera do you have?

  4. Oh good gracious, everyone looks AMAZING!

  5. I can't decide which photo is my favorite!

  6. Looks like an awesome day oooot! Love the vid :)

  7. How fantastic!! You Maf ladies looked gorgeous as ever!

  8. Those pictures are amazing!!!! I would love to have the same event in FRANCE... but tweed are so british!!!!

  9. Wow, some very nice photography there - you girls make tweed HAWT!! :)

  10. what a fun day.everyone looks amazing.Is your little dog a mini pin?Just loved this post.wish we had things like that in america.No one puts care into anythng anymore.xx

  11. Everyone looks fabulous! Love your post!